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The mission of the Boosters of Old Town, in partnership with the staff of Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, is to advocate for the park, raise and allocate funds so that the history of Old Town, as well as the cultural diversity of its founding families' stories, can be preserved and interpreted in a meaningful way to enrich park visitors' experiences.


Boosters of Old Town (BOOT) is the cooperating association for Old Town San Diego State Historic Park. BOOT is a 501(c)3 California nonprofit corporation. The objectives of BOOT are to promote educational and interpretive activities of Old Town, to provide the public with educational material, to support the State in conserving, developing, and interpreting the history of San Diego and Old Town, and to assist financially and otherwise in the establishment of educational and interpretive programs in Old Town San Diego State Historic Park for the benefit of the public.


The Boosters Old Town (BOOT) is committed to advocate for the state park and provide financial support for interpretive activities in the park. This support includes: historic preservation of buildings, structures, and objects; the development of museum displays; acquisition and restoration of furnishings; artifact preservation; support for living history activities and events; and assistance with period attire. BOOT seeks grants, donations, and gifts to assist the state with the cost of restoration and improvement of museum and interpretive facilities.



  • Promote the diversity of Old Town San Diego’s population to interpret its history during the period of interpretation (1821 – 1872). 

  • Continue to support special events in the park such as the historic Fourth of July, Fiestas Patrias, and other activities developed in consultation with Park staff. 

  • Provide and seek financial support for historic preservation projects.

  • Continue support of the donkey and blacksmith interpretive programs. 

  • Continue to encourage and support appropriate period attire through stipends for staff and volunteers, and support the period attire bank.

  •  Continue to provide resources to preserve, augment and improve Park collections and facilities for the benefit of visitors.

  •  Continue to maintain and improve a BOOT website and publish a newsletter (Poppy Paper).

  • Continue to function as a 501 (c )(3) not-for-profit California Corporation.


Boosters of Old Town are elected into their term positions to support the Mission of the organization.

Susan Hector
Vice President
Gary Turton
Board Members
Deanna Turton & Karen Beery
Descendants Liaison
Connie Gunther
Guild Liaison
Karen Beery
Bob Wohl
Connie Gunther & Deanna Turton
Poppy Paper Editor
Susan Hector
Poppy Paper Email
Kimberly Weinstein
Strategic Planning
Susan Hector
The Park Store
Becky Halliburton
Kimberly Weinstein
Web Master
Connie Gunther & Mark Turton
BOOT Website
Park Website
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